Rates & Massage Packages & Gift Certificates

My hands and intuition are my eyes.
You will find that I am not a cookie cutter type massage therapist.
This means that each massage will be unique & different to better suit your needs.

Gift Certificates are available for a single massage session or any packages!
 To purchase a Gift Certificate please call or send me an email!

Cash and Personal Check also accepted.
I do not accept Health Insurance!

Therapeutic Massage Full Body or Focus Work on Specific Areas

Depending on your goals, several different types of massage modalities may be incorporated into your session. 

~ Swedish Relaxation  ~ Deep Tissue  ~ Myofascial Release  ~ Aromatherapy ~
~ Trigger Point Therapy ~ Neuromuscular  ~ 

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

Hot Stone Massage

An ancient treatment using hot basalt stones made smooth by the waves of the Pacific Ocean to create a state of deep relaxation and healing in the body. Long, slow strokes promote a sense of grounding and the heat softens and relieves tense, tired muscles.  Using stones in massage is similar to 'ironing'. The warm stone 'irons' the muscle effectively helping to unwind and relax tight tense areas.

It is important that you are well hydrated prior to this type of massage.
*The following medical conditions are contraindicated with this type massage.
Diabetes ~ Neuropathy ~ Peripheral Vascular Disease ~ Uncontrolled Hypertention ~ Fever ~ Open Wounds or Skin Lesions ~ Acute Inflammation

60 Minutes

Pregnancy Massage

Your massage will be performed while you are in a side-lying position on your left side. Pillows will be supplied to provide support and comfort for the mother-to-be and baby.

I will only perform massage if you are in the 2nd or 3rd trimester of your pregnancy.

60 Minutes
Therapeutic Massage Package Plans

This type of package plan is great when you have "issues with your tissues."
Regular massage promotes healing of new wounds and old, and integrates the body to create a truer, more authentic self.

Package plans may be shared with family members with prior consent.
No time limit, use your massage minutes at your discretion.

avings of 10% off regular priced sessions.

6 ~ 60 minute
sessions $324

12 ~ 60 minute
sessions $648

6 ~ 90 minute
sessions $432

12 ~ 90 minute 
sessions $864

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