My Mission Statement

Body Kneads provides therapeutic and relaxing massage with the highest ethical standards.

I believe that incorporating bodywork into a health care regimen enhances a healthy lifestyle. Regular massage promotes healing of new wounds and old, and integrates the body to create a truer, more authentic self.

Massage and bodywork are no longer limited to helping you feel better.  It's about making your whole world better.

No pain or condition should be something you have to live with. 
There is a root cause for nearly every condition you experience and the body speaks a language of symptoms. It's a matter of paying attention and decoding that language.

During your massage, and in the day's following, you'll have an opportunity to visualize and verbalize what your symptoms are telling you, thus getting to the bottom of the issue.

It's the best way to become pain free for good! So get the benefits your body has been craving.
Your massage is always about you.

So is my Mission.


My hands are intuitive and provide a nurturing, therapeutic touch.
I love sharing my gift with each of my client's.

My training consisted of 1,000+ hours of therapeutical massage from Heritage College.
I started my massage business in December of 2006.

Copyright 2007. Deenise Thorsen, LMT 913-369-5011 Member of ABMP.

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