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Thanks in advance!   Deenise

March 2010

Deenise,  Thank you so much for the massage yesterday.   It was amazing!   I've had lots of massages in the past but this was wonderful and very educational.  You really know your stuff.  I liked that you stopped to take the time and teach me about my body.  This was the best massage I've had.  The massage helped with my neck and back pain and gave me a great sense of relaxation.  I'm very glad that our paths crossed. 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Many great clients to come your way from Merge Nutrition & Wellness ~ Amy Aaron

December 2009
Deenise is one of the best massage therapists that I've had the pleasure to encounter over the many years that I've sought out massage treatments.  I was delighted to find such a high quality therapist so close to my home.  An hour with Deenise greatly relieved chronic pain that I had been experiencing for years.  Her gifted hands helped heal pain that I had been dealing with for too long.  Thank you Deenise for your powerful, healing hands! - Sheila

November 2009
I have a high stress job, very little sleep, a family history of Rheumatoid and Ostoearthritis, 2 herniated discs in my neck and low back, many old athletic injuries, and I'm well over 50.  I used to think a massage was a luxury, and only had one a few times per year as a gift, or a gift to myself.  I have been seeing Deenise for massages about 3 times/month for the past year, maybe longer.  What I thought were permanent knots in my neck and back are gone, and trigger points in my piriformis muscles (under the glutes) I thought would never be able to be touched without crying and screaming, are now tolerable. I really look forward to my massages because of the way they make me feel good, not only at the time, but have decreased my daily discomfort due to stress, age related aches and pains, and have improved my overall well being. It also makes it easier for my Chiropractor to adjust my spine when the muscles in my back are not in knots. I highly recommend Deenise. She has excellent technique, and a warm and nurturing spirit. - Dr.M

March 2009
I have known of and visited Deenise Thorsen, LMT at Body Kneads Therapeutic Massage as my Massage Therapist now for two year plus years. Deenise, has always made me feel welcome, comfortable and her massages have kept me going both before and after a major spinal reconstruction. She is professional, knowledgeable, and capable of assisting you as a client/customer.  She accommodates my athletic and career schedule with appointments in the past on Sunday afternoons and evenings after my business schedule is completed.

Plus she now accepts credit cards!  The one time I didn't realize she didn't Deenise was a good sport while I grabbed my checkbook......who writes checks anymore?  Visiting Deenise is more like visiting an old friend at home in my mind than many in spa environments.  - Bob

January 2009
I have recently been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia. I was advised that the best way to avoid it becoming serious enough to need chemotherapy is to reduce stress, and keep my immune system in tune.  So after a quick consult Deenise is doing both stress relief and stimulating my immune system with accupressure points.  Both appear to be working as I am basically coping with the stress of being diagnosed with Cancer, and my immune system is working very well.  It is very reassuring to have an alternative to chemotherapy.  Keep up the good work.  Namaste
- Lizbeth H

October 2008 ~~ I am a runner. In my training for the 2008 Chicago Marathon, I used the therapeutic massage service of Deenise Thorsen. She used a deep tissue technique to help my ITBS in my left leg, knot in my right calve, and reduce the lactic acid build-up in my legs after my weekend long runs. She was able to give me information on water consumption and stretching.
With her service, I was able to run the marathon.
- J.C.

Massage...the thing anyone who leads an active lifestyle needs on a regular basis!  I run a working sheep farm and train stockdogs for use on my farm and trialing.  This is a job that requires a lot of physical ability.  I find I am constantly having tight muscles from my work.  Thanks to Deenise I have been able to get relief for those aching muscles.  In spite of the fact that I refuse to get older, my body just won't listen and I am finding that many of the mistakes of my 'youth' have caught up with me.  It is either constant medications (which has many unpleasant side effects) or a more natural solution.  I choose the later and don't regret it!  Deenise usually gives me a deep tissue massage which is very beneficial in releasing tight muscles and I have found that my posture is improving with each session.  Additionally, sleep is better and more restful as the aches and pains are dissolved through the massage.  I would highly recommend Deenise for anyone considering a massage.
- Pam ~ Age 54

The massages you have performed were excellent. As I play rugby and lift weights, your massages enable me to quickly get over injuries and the common aches and pains associated with the stresses of everyday life.  I am grateful that I have found your service as before I would have to schedule a massage weeks in advance and drive over an hour to Johnson County and by that time my aches and pains had become part of life. Your location and quiet environment allows me to relax and get away from the stresses of every day life.  Keep up the GREAT work and I will see you soon!
- Brian

I've undergone massage therapy for years for muscle and lower back pain. Most therapists could give either a very relaxing massage, but which provided no actual muscle therapy, or they were good at deep tissue work, but provided little in the way of stress relief. You are the first therapist in my experience who could do both at the same time. After a session with you, not only were all the 'kinks' expertly worked out, but I had reached a very deep state of relaxation as well. It was the best total massage I've ever had. Thanks and count on seeing me again!
- Carl

Getting a monthly massage from Deenise is my luxury.  It is time to let someone pamper me and get a great massage. Being 7 months pregnant, Deenise seems to find all those tight spots and muscles and leaves me very relaxed and rejuvenated. I definitely recommend Deenise to all my friends and especially those that are expecting. It is well worth it. Thank you again for your services and I will see you again.
- Janel

The bodywork I have received from you has made a tremendous effect on myself. I no longer live with the daily pain I was experiencing with my neck and upper shoulders. I am now taking some of the Nature's Sunshine products and they have helped my overall health. Thanks much!
- JT

I suffer daily with degenerative joint disease and arthritis. Pain can affect your daily activities and most of all your attitude. Getting a massage every two weeks from Deenise is the best medicine for my joints, muscles, and most of all my attitude.  Keep up the great work!
- Susie

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